Dwell for landlords

Find tenants without the costly advertising or real estate fees. Create a profile and get matching today.

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Search through profiles and find your perfect match. Swipe left if not interested, swipe right if interested

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Dwell for tenants

Avoid filling out multiple forms, set up your profile as an individual, couple or group, including all you need in one place to be the perfect match

End-to-end solution - All in one app

Dwell offers landlords and tenants the ability to manage the whole rental process from start to finish all in one place. From finding the ideal match, arranging inspections, through to onboarding, making and receiving rental payments, maintenance requests and ratings.

Tenant onboarding

Embrace the currency of trust

Dwell offers transparency through ratings, allowing both landlord and tenant to leave a review/rating. These ratings can be seen by any potential new matches creating an arena of trust between landlords and tenants..

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