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Dwell wants to make renting kinder, gentler, fairer. We believe in a fair rental market for all, where both landlords and tenants can access low cost, high quality solutions. Why pay large sums to an agent with no guarantee that you will find a quality tenant? Why lose out on a property you love just because you don’t have a rental history? Had a bad experience with a landlord not fixing your maintenance issues? Fed up of not being able to give honest feedback on your landlord?

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Our Vision

Our vision is to brings all the relevant information together in one place in a transparent and easy to understand format so that everyone is on the same page. A centralised platform to allow all aspects of the renting process to be managed.

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Our Mission

The property app to help landlords find potential tenants and tenants find potential landlords, allowing them to connect directly without costly fees. We are constantly developing to embrace new technology to help landlords and tenants have a stress free rental experience and Dwell Nicely Find your match, Dwell nicely.

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Meet Dwell Nicely....

Meet Dwell Nicely....

Co-Founder - Eleanor Meireles

Eleanor Meireles is a wife and mum from Sheffield, UK who lived in Sydney for 12 years before returning to the UK. She has owned and run several restaurants and other businesses and maintains a 15 year career in finance. She has two toy poodles and loves to trade crypto currencies, go camping, keep fit, attend music and arts festivals and hang out with her friends and family.

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Co-Founder - Lianne Peters

Lianne Peters is originally from Berkshire, UK and has lived in Australia for over 12 years - in Sydney and now on the Central Coast. Her love of travelling first bought her to Australia on a round the world trip, and she moved over shortly after. She is a mum of 2, and has 2 dogs and 2 cats. She loves seeing new places, enjoys the outdoors, and spending time with the people she loves. You'll generally find her walking the dogs on the beach at the weekend with her little family.

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