Australia is in the midst of a rental crisis, what can we do?

With vacancy rates at a national average of just 1.7%* and falling, many suburbs approaching 0% and only Sydney and Melbourne showing any sign of hope for renters, the rental crisis in Australia is starting to have huge effects. 

A ban on evictions during the first wave of COVID ended and, before the next one began, many tenants were served eviction notices and have been left with nowhere to go. 

Young families, pet owners and those needing accommodation in rural areas are the worse affected and schemes put in place by the government are temporary Band Aids over an increasingly dire situation. 

So, what can we do about this? 

There are no easy fixes but at Dwell we are doing what we can to help ease the situation. 

As well as providing a forum for free advice to renters on TikTok (@dwellnicely) and Facebook (Tenants/ Renters FREE advice and help group Australia) we are also encouraging those who are able to list their spare rooms on Dwell Nicely app to find short or long term tenants. 

Using our low-cost platform allows you to supplement your income during these tough times, accommodate tenants that otherwise have no options and our rating and review system makes the process transparent on both sides. 

We a small business trying to make a difference, but if we all do what we can, maybe we can find a way out if this mess. 


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