Have you ever feared homelessness?

Have you ever worried something life-changingly bad was about to happen and you were powerless to stop it?

I felt a bit like that when I first moved to Australia 11 years ago.

I had accommodation booked in Sydney and only had a couple of nights left there until New Years Eve, at which point I would be turfed out as all rooms were booked out for New Years far in advance.

I was new in Sydney, jobless, friendless and about to be homeless.

I had been searching for a long term rental ceaselessly since I arrived, but having no job locked down and no rental history in Australia put me at a disadvantage, and get this, there wasn’t even a rental crisis back then.

There are currently tens of thousands of people in the situation I found myself in back then, not because there’s a holiday coming up but because the rental market is in crisis.

With lockdown having allowed people to leave the city in search of lifestyle while working from home, rental reforms meaning Mum and Dad investors are leaving the market and No Grounds Eviction notices being served so that landlords can raise rent and make the most of the current conditions, the rental market is in disarray.

With borders now reopening and international students set to return to our shores, the situation only appears to be set to get worse.

While Dwell can’t magically make more rental properties appear, we are hoping to help our clients by putting on a webinar live this Friday 5th November 'HOW TO SECURE A RENTAL IN THE RENTAL CRISIS'.

We’ll show you...

1. How to stand out immediately 
Find out how to ensure your application not only gets seen, but is put at the top of the pile. 

2. What an agent is looking for
Discover the formula used by property managers when assessing applications

3. Tackling 'unique' application circumstances
How to ensure difficult circumstances, including if you have pets or are a first time renter, won't hold you back.

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