Tenants/Renters - follow this step-by-step guide on how to set up your renting profile and search for properties

STEP 1 - Set up your profile

Fill in your details & add an image

Step 1 - Set up your profile

STEP 2 - Add your pets

Show off your pets by adding details and images for your future landlord to see

Step 2 - Add pets

STEP 3 - Add your rental history

Include your rental history details

Step 3 - Add your rental history

STEP 4 - Add your employment

Add your employment details

Step 4 - Add your employment

STEP 5 - Add your references

Include details of any references for your future landlord

Step 5 - Add your references

STEP 6 - Select your ideal property criteria

Select your search criteria - location, how many bedrooms, bathrooms, car spaces, price etc

Step 6 - Select your match properties criteria

FINISHED - You're done!

Start matching with properties

Finished - You're Done