Meet Dwell – Eleanor

Meet Eleanor, one of Dwell's co-founders. Eleanor is both a landlord and a tenant. She has a dream to make the rental market kinder, gentler and fairer experience by allowing landlords and tenants to rate each other for everyone to see.

After being both a tenant and landlord, she experienced multiple problems with the way the industry currently works. As a tenant she experienced real estate agents disappearing when she needed issues fixed, landlords making promises to fix things and not following through, rental applications turned down because of her dogs or because she didn't have a rental history in Australia, moving into an apartment to find it didn't match the ad description in a fundamental way as well as many more problems.

As a landlord she paid huge fees to a real estate agent to manage the property oly to have tenants not pay rent, break their lease early and disappearm re-paint the apartment after saying they couldn't and outfight abuse on occasions where they have contacted about an issues while I'm asleep due to different timezones.