Renting in Queensland just got fairer! (And pet owners are gonna love it)

With 34% of Queenslanders renting, we can hear an audible sigh at the new rental reforms, here’s what you need to know:

Renting with Pets

Landlords are no longer able to refuse permission to keep a pet without a good reason. If no response to a request for permission is received within 14days, the tenant may assume that permission has been granted.

Good reasons for landlords to refuse permission must be decided by the government and can include lack of fencing, appropriate space for the pet, health or safety risks or if the pet is likely to cause damage beyond repair.

End to No Grounds Evictions

We happen to think the fact this is still a thing in some states is preposterous so are super happy to report that this is a thing in Queensland no more!! There has been an update to the reasons tenancies can be ended off the back of this.

Update to Reasons for Ending Tenancies

Leases can be ended if significant works need to be done to the property, the property is subject to redevelopment or if the owner or an immediate family member of theirs needs to move into the property.

Domestic Violence Protections

Tenants may now change the locks if they have been the victim of domestic violence without prior permission from their landlord. Victims may also end a tenancy with just 7 days notice if they are unable to continue their lease in safety with no resulting penalty.

Properties Must Meet Minimum Standards

Landlords can be fined up to $6,850 if repairs are not completed, so make sure you always request repairs in writing and document any conversations you have with an agent around this.

The Real Estate Institute of Queensland has expressed concerns that these measures will prompt some investors to sell, worsening the rental crisis. Here at Dwell we believe in a kinder, gentler, fairer rental market for all and think that these reforms are a step in the right direction.

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Now for the other states to follow suit!

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