What Does Post-COVID renting look like?

With so many of us locked down in our homes, its never been more important to love where you live. For those of us that don’t, COVID restrictions have made it difficult to move. We take a look at what renting will look like in the future.

Many Real Estate agents have already implemented a pre-approval process before allowing prospective tenants to view rental properties. While this may seem cumbersome to have to go through an application process before even checking if the property is fit for your needs, it allows the agents to ensure tenants are actually suitable before they spend time doing a viewing. Now that we are not able to do large group viewings, it saves time on doing one-on-ones.

There are some benefits to tenants as well, you can arrange a time that is more convenient to you, take your time looking around and have the opportunity to ask lots of questions. Of course, this is how we’ve always done things at Dwell and using Dwell app also allows you to create a Profile which you then use as an application. This means that instead of having to fill out multiple pre-approval questionnaires, then fill out additional rental applications, your profile covers you for the lot and you only have to do it once.

You may also notice that the quality of property descriptions and photos improves. With tenants having to decide before even contacting the agent if the property is suitable for them, it is in everyone’s best interests to ensure accurate descriptions and have a lot of photos. Dwell app also accepts videos so you can get a great idea of how the property is before stepping foot inside.

So, will in-person viewings continue indefinitely?

Its hard to say with around ¾ of Australia currently in lockdown, routine inspections currently suspended in some states and no end in sight for  a lot of us. To ensure that tenants are still able to feel comfortable signing a lease, any future virtual viewings would rely on the openness and honesty of the landlord or agent when conducting them.

Here at Dwell we utilise ratings and reviews to keep both sides of the transaction honest and ensure that both the tenant and landlord have a transparent relationship.

It looks like we’re going to be stuck at home a while longer, so we want to make sure you are happy there!

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